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See what some of our loan officers have to say…

Christopher Bridge, Sr. Loan Officer

“Coming from the broker world, I was completely ignorant as to what to expect when I joined a lender with in-house underwriting, processing, and funding. I was worried that the learning curve would be steep and that things would be too structured, but I was willing to take the leap for more support to free me up to focus on what makes an LO money, SALES.  Without a doubt, this company is truly dedicated to my success, and I couldn’t have landed at a better place.”

Tina Hanley, Sr. Loan Officer

“The processing and underwriting protocols are so smooth here – the support has been amazing. I have FINALLY been able to focus on the sales side of my job. Training has also been the highlight of my transition. I can’t say enough good things about the Sales Management Team. I have learned so much. Not just about the system, but about the job in general. We are given free access to tools to further our careers and encouraged to use them. There is no “club” to join for a crazy fee to access this information. HMA really wants ALL of the loan officers to succeed, and it never feels like we are competing with each other. The sales calls are informative and always about topics relevant to my daily work.”

Matthew Duran, Sr. Loan Officer

“Having been with HMA for years, I can attest that their support for Loan Officers is unmatched in the industry. The internal processing, underwriting, and funding make the process so much smoother. This allows for an extraordinary customer experience while also allowing Loan Officers to focus on the activities that allow us to serve more clients.”